What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Here are a couple of testimonials from other happy clients.

“We run a busy remedial teaching practice in Sydney managing children and adults with dyslexia and other learning difficulties - our needs are many and quite often challenging.  We decided to reply upon a virtual Administration Manager rather than having somebody in our office and we were fortunate to be introduced to Leanne Rutherford and PA Excellence. 
Leanne has been providing a range of support services to our business including running our third-party billing system, managing our busy diary, liaising with parents and carers, drafting templates and documents, and indeed carrying out all of the tasks an on-site Administration Manager would typically carry out but at a considerably reduced costs because PA Excellence only charge for hours worked. 
It has not mattered in the slightest that Leanne is not on-site because in this day and age where programs are increasingly cloud based, they can be accessed from anywhere. 
We cannot recommend Leanne highly enough and we have already introduced her to some of our colleagues and contacts.  Leanne is highly professional, very experienced in what she does, very ethical and we are confident she can be trusted to help you run your business from a distance, while saving you time and money.” 

 Peter Hill, Director - Neurosensory

“We recently contracted Leanne to assist with the organising and running of a conference. Leanne’s approachable nature and attention to detail made her an easy choice to assist with this event. The event was a great success and went off without a hitch thanks to the Leanne’s support and assistance. Leanne is not only a safe pair of hands and easy to work with, she is an absolute delight who makes getting the job done that much more fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leanne and PA Excellence and fully intend to use her services again on future projects.” 

 Leonie Phillips, Director - Thought Broker

"I recently contracted Leanne from PA Excellence to manage my calendar, emails, phone calls, and regular mail plus sales and supply of supplements and herbal medicines for my clients whilst I was away overseas for four weeks,  this involved giving Leanne control of my phone, credit card, as well as clients credit card details, which is not something that is done without a lot of pre-planning and trust. Leanne  ensured that we had all operational manuals up to date and working to plan so that everything could go smoothly and to plan whilst I was away. Before I left I was confident that Leanne was perfect for the job, it was wonderful to be able to have four weeks out of the business and know that there was someone looking after it as if it was their own. I have employed many people over the years and Leanne is one of those people that you do whatever you can to keep her as she only has yours and the businesses best interests at heart."

Sharon Hespe, Naturopath

"Because I was time poor and needed to communicate to our members weekly PA Excellence developed and managed a very creative and professionally formatted newsletter every week as well as managing our database. This relieved me of many commonly occurring tasks such as adding/deleting members, managing email bounce backs, as well as staged delivery of our newsletter which enabled me to focus on other things.
I simply emailed the copy and photos and PA Excellence worked their magic to create and send a document which has become a must read and our major communication piece to our members. Professionally formatted, with a managed database and a very quick turnaround – for any business wanting to communicate to its database professionally and with not a lot of effort PA Excellence will provide you with a no fuss solution."

Paul Dawson, President - Cronulla Junior AFL Club

“After working without an assistant for a number of years I knew I needed some help to get things back in order and Leanne managed to create order where there was chaos! She put processes in place and quickly & efficiently got me back on track. Her attention to detail and positive nature made her a great asset to me and I highly recommend Leanne and PA Excellence.”

 Dr Jeffrey Steinweg - NSW