Legal Virtual Assistant

At PA Excellence our principal, Leanne Rutherford, is a legal virtual assistant with extensive experience in the legal industry and has worked with in-house counsel as well as small and large law firms. As a legal virtual assistant, Leanne has worked with Law Partners, Senior Associates, Lawyers and Barristers and can assist you with a variety of tasks including: 

virtual legal secretary
  • word processing;

  • legal transcriptions;

  • preparation of affidavits;

  • preparation of court documents;

  • conducting company searches;

  • copy typing;

  • preparing and sending out costs agreements;

  • electronic filing of court documents;

  • preparing briefs to counsel; and

  • proofreading.

 Having a legal virtual assistant to support your law firm gives you the secretarial support you need, from a legal secretary you can trust, when you need it.  

The security and confidentiality of your documents is of great importance to PA Excellence and, in addition to our standard agreement, we would be happy to sign any confidentiality/ non-disclosure agreement.


If you aren’t sure what a Legal Virtual Assistant (or LVA) can do to support you and your law firm then download our complimentary Ebook “42 Ways a Legal Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Law Firm”


As everyone has different needs, PA Excellence will provide you with a quote based on your individual requirements.

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