Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For New & Growing Businesses!

Some business owners and marketers might consider social media to be a passing trend, but I think it’s the most important tool in any marketer’s toolkit right now.

The reason why some marketers are skeptical about social media is that it arrived on the business scene somewhat abruptly.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc (a new one is deemed the ‘next big thing’ every other day) are only recently being taken seriously as platforms for businesses. As a matter of fact, Instagram with its 300 million strong userbase opened to businesses just a few years ago!

If you are a new and growing business, being an early adopter of these new marketing channels is going to be incredibly crucial to your growth and success.

virtual assistant managing social media

Here are 5 important benefits for new businesses that capitalise on social media marketing!

1.    Brand Recognition & Awareness

Don’t you feel more comfortable buying from brands or companies you’ve heard of before? Even if it was through a short commercial on the radio. They somehow seem trustworthy.

Having complete and decent social profiles with a good following makes you seem credible, legitimate and trustworthy.

A lot of buyers or potential customers will google you before they buy your product, or subscribe to your service, and if your social profiles turn up in the search results along with your well designed website, they will consider you to be worth their trust.

This recognition will help you tremendously in the long term.

2.  Customer Service & Engagement

After sales service has always been the trickiest part of any business since the concept of business was introduced. Companies spend millions of dollars annually on customer service and satisfaction.

But in today’s age of the Internet a lot of companies are chucking the traditional customer service model of raising tickets and contacting via email or phone and opting for the more dynamic and much cheaper way of social media.

If you are a business in a very initial stage you can have your clients raise their issues through tweets or Facebook messages and hire a virtual assistant to answer these queries or at least respond to your clients promptly.

This way you don’t have to buy any expensive software for managing customer support and your clients feel more valued because they get a prompt response in the form of a tweet or a message on their Facebook wall.

3.  Social Proof & More Effective Affiliate Marketing

Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and has the best conversion rates.

You can utilise several affiliate marketing programs to turn your existing customers into your brand ambassadors and reward them in the form of discounts for sharing your products with their friends!  Dropbox has implemented this model very successfully.

Also, if people hear about something from their friends they do not see it as advertising at all and these live testimonials shared by your customers become a solid social proof of the high quality and good service you provide.

4.  Low Marketing Expenses

We all know the cost of marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn or You Tube are significantly less than advertising in a newspaper, magazine or television commercial. Once you have determined where your market hangs out on social media it is easier to target that social media platform and minimise the costs of advertising.  Social media has an extensive reach and this can be invaluable for a new or growing businesses. It is essential to reach your audience at a miminum of cost so social media marketing fits that bill nicely.

5.  Reaching a Niche Customer Base Is Easier

You don’t have to be a B2C company selling only a specific category of products to utilise social media marketing. But you do have to find out where your target customer base hangs out and what ways of communication they prefer.

Say you’re a B2B company providing some service to other companies. The most appropriate social network for you would probably be LinkedIn. You just have to plan out your social media strategy accordingly.

Social media options

Even though it all sounds very easy and straightforward there are some things you have to consider carefully and plan abundantly. For instance, do you need to hire a social media management company or can you maintain your profiles in-house with the assistance of a virtual assistant?

At PA Excellence we can manage your social media giving you the opportunity to reach your customers, give you the credibility you deserve and the opportunity to get your message out to many more prospective customers. Contact us today to find out what benefits you will receive!