Can Your Paper Chaos Be Solved By Technology?

Our relocation out of Sydney is complete. The office is all set up and it feels great. However, you always learn or are reminded of something when you move. One of the things that hit me hard was the need to declutter, clean out and set up to be the most efficient I could be. I thought I’d share some of my experience to help you think about how well set up your office may be and whether it’s time to clean out and start fresh by going paperless.

Overwhelmed with paperwork you need a Virtual Assistant

One of the first things I had to do before packing up the office was go through each file and each piece of paper and ask myself some questions.

-   Do I really need to keep that document? 
-   Can I scan it and keep it electronically instead of a hard copy? 
-   Why am I holding on to that file? 
-   I have an electronic copy of that document, why am I keeping
   the physical copy?

As I worked through the pile of papers I realised that I was hanging on to stuff that I don’t really need. Most things have been scanned, saved and kept electronically. It was time to clean out and create a better paperless system. I painstakingly worked through every paper, file and document to ensure that I had an electronic copy saved and then the shredder got a great workout with what was left.

So I ask this question of you - is it time to have a paperless office? The answer clearly is – YES!

Time to set up your electronic filing

There is no need to keep the physical copy of a receipt when you can keep an electronic copy. All of your business documents can be kept electronically and will be within easy reach and accessible from different devices. You can store your files in the cloud and access from your laptop, your phone or your iPad making it accessible and a more flexible option than a physical copy.

If you think… I’ll do it when I have to or when I move – DON’T! Waiting until you have to do it and you don’t really have time to sort through the papers is a mistake. Start now and sort through a small pile at a time, breaking it up into smaller portions makes the task a lot less overwhelming. Tackling the job in smaller blocks of time will give you a sense of accomplishment as you find more and more space. When you clear the paperwork off your desk you will find your mind feels free to be more productive and creative.

Clean office space

I’m happy to say that my files are stored safely and securely in an electronic format and it’s nice to have space on the desk again. It is easy to let this slip and hold on to the odd piece of paper until it starts to pile up again so be diligent and spend 15 - 20 minutes a week making sure that your documents are scanned and saved so that the paperwork doesn’t build up again. 

If you know someone that needs a reminder about why they should be decluttering and converting to a paperless office, feel free to share this article with them. It might just be what they need to get started.

If you need help setting up your new electronic filing, contact PA Excellence to find out how we can help.