6 Ways A Transcription Service Can Save You Time

One of the services PA Excellence provides is a transcription service. Recently, a few people I mentioned this to seemed surprised and asked me if this is something that people really need. After all most people have a computer and can 2 finger type, there is software that will translate your speech into text but a real person listening to your voice and typing up the words... a little old fashioned I'm told. 

Actually, it's not old fashioned at all. Yes, people are able to type up a document themselves but in the fast paced world we live in, unless you can type at a minimum of 70 words per minute you are not saving time by doing it yourself. 

So I thought I could shed some light on the types of tasks that a transcription service can used for and how this will save you time.

Transcription Services

Here are a few tasks a transcriptionist can do to save you time. 

  1. Contracts - you have a standard contract that needs to be amended to suit each of your clients. You could spend the next hour typing up the new scope of works and then spend some time wondering how to fix the formatting because everything is now out of place or you could pick up your dictaphone or your iPhone (there are numerous apps that you can use for dictation) and dictate the new scope of works. The time you spend dictating is probably around 10 to 15 minutes, you email it to your transcriptionist who add the text, checks the grammar and spelling, updates the formatting and your document is looking professional and ready to go. 
  2. Blog Writing - you write regular blogs and you need to write it down when you get a great idea and feel inspired. What happens if you are out and about at the time? I know people who find inspiration walking in the park and get great ideas while out of the office. You can't stop and type up your blog post but why not record your thoughts and send it off to your transcriptionist who will put those thoughts in a format that you can use when you are back at your desk.
  3. Correspondence - emails and letters are coming in thick and fast and you need to reply but typing up each letter or email is taking up too much time. You can simply dictate your response and have your transcriptionist send you the typed up the correspondence ready for you to send out saving you hours of time. 
  4. Quotes - if you visit your clients to provide them with a quote but don't want to hand write those quotes out. You could dictate the details for the quote, send it to your transcriptionist who will add the details to your quote template and even send it to the client on your behalf.  
  5. Reports - if reports are part of your business (these could be building reports, medical reports, HR reports or business reports) you are spending numerous hours putting these together. You could be working on 5 different reports at any given time. You could sit at your desk for hours typing up each report OR you could take a walk in the park (fresh air is good for you) and dictate those reports. 
  6. Interviews - you could be conducting interviews and need documented copies of those interviews. You could write some notes during the interview and try to recall all of the details, then try and type up an accurate account of the interview OR you could simply record the interview and have your transcriptionist type it up for you saving you hours.

As you can see there is a real need for a transcription service and it is well worth using. These are only a few examples of how a transcription service can be used so basically, if you can dictate it then it can be transcribed. This means that you can go back to doing what you do best in your business while this is being looked after for you.

If you're thinking about trying a transcription service then check out our  Transcription Services page or submit a request and we will get back to you with more information. Let us help you save time!