Why working virtually is one of the keys to a successful business

Working from an office or working at your favourite cafe? Not really a hard choice... I'll take my view of the beach and fresh air over a corporate office any day. But this isn't the only reason that working virtually has become one of the most popular ways to work. Here are my top 3 reasons why working virtually is beneficial and a key to the success of your business. 

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The continuing advancement in technology and the opportunity of working from home has allowed entrepreneurs and business owners to think about starting their business virtually or employing people who can work virtually. Working from home, out of the local coffee shop or at the library is now a real possibility and becoming more and more common.

So why are people taking advantage of this growing trend? Why are more and more entrepreneurs and business owners working virtually and creating virtual teams?

Here are the top 3 reasons that working virtually is becoming more popular and can be a key to a successful business. 

1.   Let's Talk Money!

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Running a small businesses can be very costly especially when you factor in rent for office space, office equipment and staff, all before you have even considered the cost of your product or service, insurance, registration and other business costs. Without the cost of office space you have instantly saved yourself rent money. The cost of permanent employees and the extra costs of superannuation, holiday leave, sick leave etc can be draining on your business. Having virtual workers means you are only paying for the job they are doing and you have none of the additional costs. Giving you more value for money and a cost saving to your business.


2.   Have Specialists In Your Team!

When you hire permanent staff you will often hire people who will do more than one role to try and cover different tasks without the added costs of extra employees. However, quite often they only specialise in one area and have more generalised skills. In having a virtual team you are able to have specialist in every area of your business. You can have an accounting specialist, social media expert, reception specialist, HR specialists, marketing expert and an administrative expert.

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3.    Flexibility

Being tied to a desk can be hard but working virtually means that you can take your office with you. There are days when you need to travel and this means no wasted time as you can take your office with you. Having a meeting at the local café can be a more relaxed environment creating a more productive meeting. Instead of having standard working hours, working remotely means you can work around your personal commitments, you can watch your child receive an award at school, make that doctor’s appointment and all the other things that come up. Work can be fitted in around these activities giving you the flexibility you need.

The virtual industry is a growing industry and you can find specialist in many areas. Virtual assistants often specialise in different areas such as social media, bookkeeping, copywriting or executive assistance so the talent in the virtual industry is amazing and well worth looking at for your business. 

So if you are looking for a positive change to your business, think outside the box and outside the office! Build your virtual team and keep them motivated with the opportunity of working from their chosen location while you reap the benefits of having the flexibility and cost savings to ensure the success of your business.

If you aren't sure how a virtual assistant could assist your business then download our free guide "40 Ways to Use A Virtual Assistant" and build that virtual team today!