How valuable is your time?

As a business owner I consider my time valuable, as I’m sure you do. But it’s really upsetting to see different people think their time is more valuable than others. Why is that? I ask this question because recently I’ve heard a few stories about people missing meetings, not joining scheduled video calls or conference calls and I had an experience of my own which made me wonder what makes some people think their time is more important than others.

Let me share my experience with you.

Looking at time and checking watch.jpg

Recently, I scheduled a time to talk to a business owner to see how I could help them after they reached out to me. I tried to call at the agreed time to find that they were tied up with other work. No problem, I’m happy to reschedule so I set up another time later in the day that would suit them. I proceeded to reorganise my day and my other client work to fit in the second call. Again, I call at the agreed time, to find that there is no answer. I leave a voicemail message and follow up with an email to ensure that they know that I have made contact and I’m happy to reschedule. Later that day I received a message asking if we could reschedule for after hours as they were having a very busy day.

I’ve already rescheduled my day to fit in with this client but I agree to set up a time that is out of hours that cuts into my family time… after all I’m trying to work out how I can help them. When I call at the agreed time I find that there is no answer. I leave a voicemail message and follow up with an email suggesting that maybe the client should call me when it is more convenient. I’m not surprised to find that they don’t call me back.

So why was my time less valuable than theirs? I spent the better part of the day rescheduling my work to accommodate them but there didn’t seem to be any respect of my time.

Time is money for a virtual assistant

People seem to think that as a virtual assistant I’m “just an administrator” so my time isn’t important but as a business owner my time is as important as any other business owner. We all agree that time is money and that fact impacts every business. All business owners should be respected and their time equally respected.

It is fascinating to find that one person will think their time is more valuable than someone else’s time. Why is that the case?

Regardless of who you are or what position you hold, everyone’s time is important.

I know that we are all busy and some people are time poor but communication and a little respect goes a long way to ensuring good working relationships with others. It doesn’t take long to send a quick email or text message to acknowledge that you are late, maybe apologise for not being able to be there. Following up after you have missed a scheduled meeting or call just shows that you respect that person’s time.

Communication and respect are a must for any business, especially if you are in the service industry. As a remote worker in the virtual world, communication is one of the most important things in my business and respecting other business owners is a must.

How many times has someone missed a scheduled call or meeting with you? Did they follow up? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t miss a meeting and then ignore it because their time matters too!