The Benefits Of A Legal VA To Your Law Practice

How much time are you spending running your law practice rather than practising law? As a solo practitioner or a partner in a small law firm you will spend hours and hours attending to the business side of your practice. Some of those things will include scheduling and rescheduling apppointments, setting up client files, marketing your practice, social media, handling IT issues, invoicing and whole lot more. There is a cost effective solution that will get you back to practising law - a Legal Virtual Assistant!

As the world we live in becomes more technologically advanced a new role in legal secretarial services has emerged, the Legal Virtual Assistant (also known as the LVA). LVA's are experienced legal secretaries who are self-employed and can perform legal secretarial tasks as and when needed. The digital revolution has made it possible for a LVA to perform all the tasks of the traditional assistant from a fully remote offsite location.   

Legal Virtual Assistant

Law firms of any size can benefit from using a virtual assistant and in particular the services of a Legal Virtual Assistant. In today's modern legal practice, LVA's can be used to assist law firms in a number of situations. LVA's can be beneficial:

  • when experiencing a busy time with an overflow of work;
  • when staff are sick or on leave;
  • when you need assistance with a one off project; or
  • if you are simply looking for a more cost effective alternative to your secretarial staffing needs. 

So what services can a Legal Virtual Assistant provide? 

A LVA can provide a variety of services to a law firm including:

Legal VA taking notes
  • Transcriptions
  • Scheduling meetings with clients
  • Copy typing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Legal research
  • Invoice management
  • Contract preparation
  • Any other legal secretarial tasks

Using the services of a LVA means law firms will benefit in costs savings and are no longer committed to:

Cost savings benefits
  • Salary payments
  • Annual leave payments
  • Sick leave payments
  • Superannuation payments
  • Recruitment costs
  • Cost of office equipment 

Other benefits to your law practice

There are many other benefits of using a LVA in your law practice.

You only pay for productive time worked. Therefore, any down time is eliminated and you aren't paying someone for the quiet times.

There is no need to find additional office space as a LVA works from their own fully equipped office. 

The use of temporary staff is no longer required, temps can be costly and there is no guarantee of getting the same temp twice. Time is then wasted with retraining each temp. 

The benefits to overseas law firms is enormous, as time differences and cost differentials mean work can be done while the solicitor sleeps at a more cost effective rate, saving you both time and money. 

Think of a LVA as an extra set of hands, which will enable law firms more time to focus on the areas of the practice that generate income. 

Use of the latest technology together with their excellent communication skills will make the lawyer feel that their LVA is part of their team, right there beside them, giving them the extra support that they need.

LVAs are becoming a new fixture in the landscape of secretarial services and why not? A LVA will increase productivity and decrease costs for your practice. In short, increasing the long term profit of the law practice that chooses to use the services of a Legal Virtual Assistant. 

If you would like the support of a Legal Virtual Assistant contact PA Excellence to find out how you can benefit from our services. Mention this article and receive a free 30 minute consultation to see how you can be more productive and cost effective.