Can a Virtual Assistant Increase Your Social Media Reach?

The success of any organisation depends on several factors, most of which are subject to the decision of the owners. To get results for your efforts, you may need to take a step further by integrating social media marketing into your plan. However, managing an organisation by yourself could be very stressful and challenging. Did you know that hiring a virtual assistant will give you more time to focus on other more important tasks.

Social media is open every day of the week and affords you the opportunity of promoting your brand to the global market. However, due to other core and pressing organisational functions, you may not have the luxury of time to manage a social media campaign by yourself. Therefore, leveraging on the service of a virtual assistant will go a long way to increasing your social media reach.

Social Media VA

Here are some ways that working with a virtual assistant will increase your social media reach:

Increasing Brand Awareness

Before your brand can be known, you need to be active on social media for as long as possible. Staying active includes posting about your activities and marketing your opportunities, engaging in group discussions, blogging etc. Since social media is active 24 hours every day, you would not be able to combine this duty with managing your organisation. Therefore, a virtual assistant becomes a suitable option to increase your social media reach.

Increasing Lead Generation

With the internet making the world a global community, social media makes it possible to invite and engage prospective customers via your posts, blogs, articles etc. To generate leads, engagement is crucial because it drives contacts into the sales funnel. Contacts need to be engaged through well-written, relevant, and informative content to improve your credibility. A virtual assistant, not overwhelmed with other organisational duties, would have quality time to connect with people and therefore, generate more leads. 

Increased Social Media Reach

As an executive of an organisation, it is not easy to stay on social media to promote your brand because it takes expertise and time to manage social media accounts. Running social media marketing transcends indiscriminate posting, blogging and sharing; it requires targeting the right market, SEO compliance, maximising the exposure of postings etc. Even if you have the time, you may not be able to deliver like a virtual assistant can.

Social media management

It is clear that working with a virtual assistant would significantly increase your social media reach and ultimately, productivity, through the synergistic effects that it would bring to your organisation.

If you would like some help managing your social media, contact PA Excellence today so that you can reap the benefits of working with a virtual assistant and increase your productivity and social media reach.