Starting 2016 With An Organised Desk - Can It Be Done?

Are you hoping and excited to make 2016 the best year in terms of productivity? Are you struggling to achieve professional goals?

To help you be more productive the first thing you need to do is adopt good and healthy workspace habits. So why is it important to keep your office desk tidy and clean? Give it some thought! A relationship exists between creativity, productivity and the mess on your desk. A clear desk will help you clear your mind allowing for more productive work ideas. More ideas mean more growth for you and your business.

Many people give the excuse that a messy desk is a symbol of originality and imagination. The reality is that they are disorganised and this is evident when looking at their workspace. A clean desk makes you feel energized and on top of things. Managing your desk means you are creating an appealing workspace allowing productivity to follow. A messy and cluttered desk keeps you distracted and preoccupied while you try and find things. How often have you printed something more than once because you couldn’t find the first copy you printed?

Does your desk look like this?

Does your desk look like this?


There are several simple and easy things that you can do to organise your workspace. 

Office documents are one of the main things that can make your desk appear messy. Set up a method to deal with paperwork. Filing is essential to keep your documents organised.

Clear the paperwork off your desk and sort through every document. Shred duplicates and file anything you are not working on that day. Once you have sorted the paperwork you can set up some trays or files for different categories of documents such as a file for Urgent or Reading and an In tray and Filing tray. Always ensure that you follow the same routine and filing system for dealing with paperwork. This way you will always be able to find your documents when you need them.

Don’t forget to empty your desk drawers. Take everything out so that you can sort out the contents and set them up fresh and clean. Dust away crumbs and debris that has built up in the bottom of drawers. Check for papers and other unwanted items that you have kept in drawers and forgotten. Sorting all of your drawers will continue to give you the feeling of a fresh start and allow the productive juices to flow.

Once you have cleared everything off your desk, have sorted paperwork, created a filing system and filed relevant paperwork take a moment to consider what you need on your desk. Plan out where to put things. Keep in mind that anything that you use constantly should be within reach and anything that you use irregularly should be at the end of the desk or put elsewhere like a shelf.

With a clean desk and an organised system in place you can begin your year but remember that to keep that productivity flowing you need to spend 15 minutes at the end of each day filing away anything that you have dealt with and finished working on and tidying your desk so that the next morning you feel that you are starting fresh. A fresh start every day will ensure that you are starting your day on the right foot.

Hopefully, your desk looks more like this now!

Hopefully, your desk looks more like this now!

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