How to work with columns in Word

After listening to the problems that people have with Word, I decided that it might be helpful to put together a short series of ‘how to’ videos in Word. As a legal secretary, personal assistant and virtual assistant I have used Word for around 20 years and I’ve watched the changes that have come around with each new version. Most of the changes are great and I find Word 2010 very user friendly. This series will be based on Word 2010 but let me know if you have questions about the earlier versions of Word.

My first video in this series is based on working with columns.  A lot of people have problems with turning columns on and off at different points in a document but these can be handled simply. This video shows you the simple steps to take to access the options that you have and how to create columns for a whole document or for a selected amount of text.

Enjoy my first video in this series and let me know if there are any other topics in Word you would like me to focus on.