File sharing and the cloud - how hard can it be???

People often ask me how it's possible to share files without having to email the file or place it on a USB because it is too large to email. In this blog I will talk about a couple of ways to share your files using cloud technology to make life easier for you and anyone who needs access to your files.

Sharing files with a virtual assistant


There are several software
programs that can be used to share files - DropboxGoogle Drive
Sky Drive, Share File 
and Files Anywhere. My preference is Dropbox. It is an excellent way to share a file, ensure complete confidentiality and allow authors to always access the latest version of the document. 

So how does it work? Let’s use Dropbox as an example, simply set up a folder in your Dropbox account, and name it appropriately (for example, the name of your Project or client) then drag and drop any files you wish to share into the folder. The next step involves inviting the appropriate people to have access to the folder. This will make sure that only the people you grant access to will be able to view or edit your documents and keep your document secure. It's that simple!

 As your Dropbox account, or any other cloud sharing software, holds all of your documents in the cloud you always have the knowledge that your files are safe and if your computer crashes or is infiltrated by a virus, your documents are safe in the cloud.

Virtual Assistant at laptop

It is also possible to share your computer, the applications and files, if that is more suitable for what you need. To share your computer there are several programs that can be used. Here are 3 I would recommend – Windows Remote Desktop, Team Viewer and Chrome Remote Desktop. Once any of these applications are set up then it is easy to share your computer and programs. 

There are various tools that can be used when working with a virtual assistant and I really like Michael Hyatt’s article on 10 Software Tools for Collaborating with Virtual Assistants. Some of the tools mentioned in this article are Basecamp, Last Pass, Group Me and Skype. He says in this article:

“Currently, about fourteen people work with me in some capacity or another. Interestingly, none of them are employees. All of them are virtual assistants… Most of them live hundreds of miles away. But that doesn’t keep us from working together effectively. Thanks to some really cool software, we are able to communicate and stay totally in sync. I thought I’d share these tools with you, in case you are working in a virtual environment and want to explore a few of these with your team.”

To read the full article click here.

There are some great tools available and the technology is always improving so there are new things on the market all the time. It’s great to know that there is terrific tools to help us share files, share your desktop, share passwords and to be able to collaborate remotely.

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