Reducing stress by outsourcing to a virtual assistant!

How to use a Virtual Assistant and reduce your stress!

When I tell people what I do, most people will start by saying what is a virtual assistant? So what is a virtual assistant and how can you use one? Will a virtual assistant save you time? Will a virtual assistant save you money? The simple answer is yes, it will save you money, time, reduce your stress levels and once you realise what a virtual assistant can do, you will be wondering why you didn’t look into this a long time ago!

Let’s keep it simple, a virtual assistant (often referred to as a VA) provides professional administrative, secretarial or personal assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Virtual Assistant at work providing you secretarial services

The tasks a VA can do are many and varied and some are listed below.

1.    Event planning and management: a VA can organise your next seminar, client event, workshop, conference or other corporate event. Your VA will research venues, obtain quotes and advise you of your best options, co-ordinate with speakers and arrange all necessary equipment and catering for the event. Your VA can attend your event to meet and greet your attendees and ensure the smooth running of the event.

2.   Email & calendar management: a VA can monitor your emails, flag important emails and respond to standard emails on your behalf. A VA can set up an electronic filing system for your emails, helping you to tidy your inbox and keep it manageable. A VA can also organise your meetings, send out invitations to meetings, follow up & confirm appointments and remind you of key diary commitments.

3.   Online research: if you need a new supplier for a product a VA can research, obtain quotes and report back to you with your best options. A VA can also research where your potential clients can be found to help you find industry related groups and organisations to assist you in connecting with them.

4.   Customer database management: when you have new business cards to add to your contacts and database a VA can input the new information to your CRM. A VA can also update details as clients advise you of new contact details.

5.    Secretarial support: a VA is able to assist you with all of your normal secretarial functions like all of your word processing and transcription needs, typing up or updating office procedures & manuals, creating your latest PowerPoint presentation, proofreading and editing proposals or brochures, sending out general correspondence and many other tasks.

6.   Accounts management: a VA can keep track of your accounts, updating your accounting software as needed. A VA can arrange payments of your bills by setting up automatic payments to ensure that you never miss a bill. A VA can also send out your monthly invoices saving you time.

7.   Marketing support: a VA is able to assist you with sending newsletters (both electronic and physical) to your clients/customers. If you have prepared a questionnaire for the seminar you are presenting at then a VA can ensure that all participants have a copy of this, collate the questionnaires and summarise the responses for you. If you have an updated sales brochure that you would like to send out to your clients/customers then a VA can arrange to send them out for you.

8.   Travel planning: a VA is able to research your travel options for your next trip, find the best option for flights, hotels and any other requirements for your trip. A VA can book everything for you and provide you with an itinerary to ensure that you have everything you need before you go.

9.   Website & social media management: a VA can set up and maintain social media accounts on your behalf, update your website and post your blogs.

10.  Human Resource support: when you are hiring a new employee a VA can receive the applications, review resumes and provide you with a short list of suitable applicants and schedule interviews. A VA can also prepare your welcome package for the new employee and track and remind you when performance reviews should take place.

Virtual Assistant Secretarial Services

Once a VA is looking after these tasks, you can focus on what you do best in your business without the worry of having to complete all of those time consuming tasks.

A VA can be beneficial to any business and the above are only some of the tasks that a VA can perform for your business. If you spend the next week thinking about what tasks you could delegate to a VA you'll be surprised by how much work you could outsource, saving you time and reducing your stress levels! Have you ever used a VA? Leave a comment on what tasks you delegate to your VA. If you don't have a VA and would like to learn more about how a VA can help you  and your business contact us today!